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The reality is that who we have standing beside us in life actually matters more than where it is we think we are going. The person that we pair up with in life determines everything from our overall happiness to even our life direction. If we have the right person in life, everything else somehow seems to take care of itself. This is the point that we are going to be thanking Jupiter because in Scorpio, he likes to go deep and expand everything he touches including our self-awareness and our level of consciousness.

Horoscope - Yearly Predictions For Love & Career

At some point we all have to draw a line in the sand and decide that whatever came before a particular moment no longer matters. If Jupiter in Scorpio is going to be encouraging us to dive deep into the pool of consciousness, Pluto in Capricorn is there to activate change and transformation based upon what we find. Pluto is the planet of deep transformation and it affects everything that it touches, but in this case, because this alignment is a sextile, it means that any transformations that occur will be positive and also growth-based.

Not only is Pluto going to blast any remaining bits of dust or stagnation from our lives, but it has plans to replace it with something much more authentic and uplifting. Mercury Venus. Sun Uranus. Sun Neptune. Jupiter Lilith.

Astrology Transits for January 14th to 20th: Venus in Aquarius

Sun Aquarius. Mars Node. Uranus Lilith. Mercury Pluto. Venus trine Uranus. Venus square Pluto. Venus trine Jupiter. Mercury sextile Saturn.

12222 Horoscope Decans

Mars trine Lilith. Venus enters Sagittarius. Mercury sextile Lilith. Jupiter conjunct Uranus.

Recent Comments

Mercury sextile Mars. Mercury opposite Jupiter. Mercury opposite Uranus.

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Daily Astrology Horoscope: January 15 2015 Moon in Scorpio Sextile Sun

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