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Saturn Transit Report By : Dr. Arun Bansal How will the transit of the most powerful planet in Vedic Astrology pan out for you? Know in the Saturn Transit Report! One of the most elaborative Saturn Transit Report in Market! Graduation - What Stream? Arun Bansal Know the most promising stream for you! Ask Our Experts By the time one reaches the stage of beginning college, planning about a favourable line of career takes the front seat in the mind.

Arun Bansal Is studying abroad the key to your prosperity? Educational Graph for your child By : Dr. Arun Bansal Want to know about the education aspect of your child's life? Ask The Experts! Health Report for 1 Year By : Dr. Health Report for 2 Years By : Dr. Arun Bansal Want to know about your near term health?

Health Report for 5 Years By : Dr. Chronic Disease Solutions By : Dr.

The last thing that a person wants in life, is suffering from bad health. Your horoscope on Health Front By : Dr. Arun Bansal How is the most important aspect of your life! Ask Our Experts All achievements and comforts are meaningless without a sound health. Favourable time to Buy a property By : Dr. Arun Bansal What's the best time to invest in real estate? Property Disputes By : Dr. Arun Bansal Want to get rid of all disputes of property? Property always warrants extra diligence and right decision making by the owner. Arun Bansal Will the outcome be in your favour?

Arun Bansal Know the best time as per the Stars? Property Prospects in Life By : Dr.

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Arun Bansal What does your destiny say for property? Buying a property for many, is perhaps the biggest venture of their life.

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  • Show More Services. Arun Bansal for a personalized reading of your Horoscope.

    Best Astrologers in Delhi

    Arun Bansal furnishes the best Horoscope Analysis to individuals who are seeking answers to their million questions through their Horoscope. The Basic Horoscope Analysis is also available in another variant, wherein you can get a detailed analysis as well. With accurate predictions and reliable service, you can be assured that all your problems will be solved by this consultation.

    Couple Consultation: Dr. Arun Bansal provides Couple consultation to estranged couples who have along the way of happiness- fallen off the wagon and made bad choices.

    Best Astrologer in Delhi NCR | Top Indian Astrologer in Delhi NCR

    This service caters to those who believe that they are facing problems in their love life and would want a love specialist to look at it. Having catered to thousands of clients, Dr. Arun Bansal provides special love counseling through Astrology. Family Consultation: Dr. Arun Bansal is the master when it comes to solving Familial problems. Families that are facing issues or a couple with kids who have been feeling under the weather lately can take this consultation to get rid of their problems.

    The Family Consultation Service by Dr. Arun Bansal will equip a family with what their future holds. Each individual of the family can garner the truth about their, past, present, and future to understand what path each of them will be taking on in life.

    Dr. Purnima Sharma Katyayani

    This Astrologer Consultation service also comes with variants and you will be given the option to select the one which suits you best. Job Prospects Consultation: Individuals who have been facing problems with employment or are worried that the job they are currently in is not fitting for them can take the Job Prospects Astrology Consultation from Dr.

    Arun Bansal will cover the career prospects and predictions of an individual aided by the Horoscope. The guided career counseling by Dr. Bansal will enlighten about your horoscope and what the stars have in store for you. In the career sphere, anything and everything that bothers you can be asked from Dr. Arun and you can be assured that every prediction will prove its mettle. No matter what your problem is, the Finance Consultation will aid you in taking good care of your money and planning it in areas that will yield you the utmost benefits.

    Arun Bansal has been implementing his knowledge of Vastu Shastra and its verticals for over 4 decades. The Vastu Specialist knows about a house just by looking at it.

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    The Vastu Services offered by him are tens and each caters to a small area or a large multinational corporation. You name it, Dr. Bansal has done it all. Arun are designed in order to suit one and all, so that every little requirement of Vastu gets fulfilled. Education Consultation: Those suffering from a serious case of dilemma or anxious about what to choose from the options available can take aid from Education Astrology Consultation from Dr.

    From what to choose after 12th, or what stream to opt for- these can all be asked in an Astrology Consultation from the Best Astrologer for Education. Every married couple wants to have a child. But sometimes married couple get trapped in complexity. Questions can be limitless.

    About Astrologer Pt. Umesh Chandra Pant, Best Astrologer in Delhi

    We are here to answer your all questions. We will help you by checking your kundli, the position of stars which are obstacle in getting visa. We will give you cheap and best remedy if needed. So that you can easily reach to your destination and live your life joyfully. Today is the era of competition.